Q & A

Making a choice to study at a particular school is never easy. With so many choices, making an informed decision is necessary. The following  Q and A is intended to help answer some of the question you may have.  It has been written in an unbiased context for the benefit of the reader.

Why learn Wing Chun vs Karate vs Taekwando vs MMA?
Martial Arts is like Math, Languages and Travel. The more you know, the better the benefit.
Martial Arts is a life long interest with continual learning and improvement. From this perspective all Martial Arts have value in learning.

Wing Chun is a terrific art to develop skills from ground up. I call these foundational skills.

Wing Chun is also sophisticated art. 

What are the benefits of learning Wing Chun?

Is Wing Chun and Chinese Martial Arts effective today, given MMA?
Is Wing Chun used in Mixed Martial Arts?

How do I know the quality I can trust?

I don’t know much about Wing Chun of your Wing Chun  lineage, how can I possibly make an informed decision?

Is Wing Chun for me?